Mecha Template

Being a mecha pilot, you also get a mecha. Instead of going through the tedious, convoluted process detailed in Gurps:Spaceships 4 – Fighters, Carriers and Mecha for building mecha, I have decided to make mecha like characters.

There are less options right off the bat in comparison to the mecha pilot template, however once you have taken down this bare-bones model, you may add up to 200 points to it. You may take an additional 135 points of dis-ads.

This is going to be a cinematic game. As such some things will not be realistic in favor of better storytelling and play. Because of this, skills work slightly differently while inside of a mecha. All skills while inside of a mecha will use the mecha’s attributes. If you have the skill as both a pilot and a mecha then the skill will use whichever is higher. If either you, as a pilot, or your mecha have zero ranks in the skill then it will default to the standard skill default.

Mecha |200|

Attributes |0|

ST 10 |0|
DX 10 |0|
IQ 10 |0|
HT 10 |0|

Secondary Characteristics|0|

Damage 1d-2/1d
BL 9 lbs.
HP 10 |0|
Will 10 |0|
Per 10 |0|
FP 10 |0|
Basic Speed 5 |0|
Basic Move 5 |0|
Space Move 10 |0|
Water Move 1 |0|

Advantages |264|

Absolute Direction |5|
Absolute Timing |2|
Damage Resistance (2) |10|
Detect (Monofsky Particle) (Rare) |5|
Doesn’t Breathe |20|
Eidetic Memory |5|
Enhanced Tracking (1) |5|
Flight (Space Flight Only) |10|
Hyperspectral Vision |25|
Immunity to Metabolic Hazards |30|
Improved G-Tolerance (0.5G) |10|
Injury Tolerance (No Blood; Unliving) |25|
Less Sleep (5) |10|
Obscure (Sensors) (10) (Always On; Area Effect (256 yd)) |80|
Recovery |10|
Reduced Consumption (2) |4|
Sealed |15|
Telecommunication (Laser Communication) (Receive Only) |8|
Telecommunication (Radio) |10|
Vacuum Support |5|

Perks |1|

Sanitized Metabolism |1|

Disadvantages |-65|

Electrical |-20|
Ham-Fisted (-2) |-10|
Restricted Diet (Occasional) |-30|
Unhealing (Total) |-30|
Unusual Biochemistry |-5|

Mecha Template

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